Data and Content services

We help our clients in enriching the data and content of their online products. Using the research and best practices in Data Management that have matured over time and supporting clients with online products across industries, we deliver high-quality and comprehensive data and content. We also help our customers at various stages while creating a new product. Right from the concept development to identifying relevant data and content elements all the way to sourcing their new products.

We offer our clients the capability to achieve better data visibility across the enterprise through enhanced classification of products and services. When it comes to content creation, whether it’s developing a website for a new company or improving the organic ranking on search engines like Google, Bing for an existing website, our team at Bradman can effectively work towards achieving the client’s goals.

Gathering, harvesting, and mining the necessary data, regardless of the format– either from the Web or data locked in printed text, or digital images, we offer this to our client as out Data Aggregation Services. It helps to streamline processes and enhance services while also giving a competitive edge in the industry.

We support clients with services to help capturing and processing of unstructured content from blogs, social media, web repositories, news and press releases. The unstructured content is curated and classified and delivered as relevant and tailor made content, knowledge and insights.


  • Data & Content Creation
  • Product Data Enrichment
  • New Product Data Enrichment
  • Data Cleansing & Standardization
  • Data Verification & Validation
  • Data Matching & De-duplication
  • Image Collection & URL Search

Our Methodology

  • Web Research
  • Product Data Extraction
  • Product Image Extraction
  • Product Attribute Extraction
  • Product Attributes Development
  • Product Content Enrichment
  • Quality Check
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