Maintenance & Support

Bradman Design & Technologies manages several corporate websites on an ongoing basis. We also help you to maintain updated websites that catch the attention of casual and serious visitors and are effective ambassadors for the organization. Websites require frequent and sometimes intense updation activities from events, press releases, news and data updation, to consumer promotions, contests, and additions of functionality and features. Our web maintenance services not only cover your growing needs to showcase and communicate with customers, but also the changing perceptions and expectations of the visitors. With our marketing orientation, we are also able to go beyond mere updation.

Our services include

  • Software integrity issues
  • Ongoing attention to server security
  • Updating contents of existing web pages
  • Optimizing your website performance
  • Adding new pages to the existing website
  • Web-mastering
  • Server administration
  • Creating/changing design elements like interactive components, banners, icons, images and other visual activities.
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